“Is My Website Outdated?” Checklist for 2018

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The average life of a website’s relevance is 3 years, and that is generous. Factors like modern design, mobile optimization (making it easy to use your site on mobile devices), and SEO are just the beginning of the long list of reasons to keep your website up to date. Want to check yours? I have a list. 

  1. Is your site responsive? By that, I mean does it adjust to be easily read on different sized screens and devices? It may interest you to know that over 52% of internet users do so on a mobile device. Google will actually penalize you for not having a mobile friendly site. You can test your site for mobile readiness here.
  2. Does your site have a contact page? It truly shocks me because this is not so much a modern thing, it should have already been on everyone’s list of obvious pages to include on a website, yet I am having to include this in my list.
  3. Does your site load in under 3.5 seconds? If not, you are being bumped in Google rankings. Not only that, but people don’t want to wait more than that for a page to load. You have 6-8 seconds to convert your website visitor from a  casual glance to an interested reader. People remember annoying sites that take forever to load. Let us not make that what you are remembered for. A handy tool to use for check your website speed can be found here.
  4. Is your site implementing quality photos for HD devices? The better the screen quality, the better the images better be to keep up or your images will look old(pixelated), outdated and like you did not put care into your business. Not exactly the impression you are wanting to give.

Does your website need a face lift? I offer free mock ups and consultations to get your website back on track and ready to impress your potential clients. Contact me and we can set up a free consultation. 

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