Great SEO Tools For Beginners

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be confusing and down-right intimidating. You may be wondering where to even start. These tools can get you headed in the right direction. Did I mention most of them are FREE?


Moz is a popular tool for those looking to optimize their websites on search engines because it gets you pointed in the right direction. From their free tools for links and keywords, to analyzing and showing you fatal errors on your website, Moz is a great resource to correct your course and get you off to a strong start.


Keywords and phrases can be hard to come up with on your own. Long-tail key words are popular because it takes your SEO from targeting casual browsers to people searching for more specific terms (which usually means they are ready to buy or sign up).

Ubersuggest takes keywords you have in mind and gives you analytics on how competitive those keywords are, suggestions for alternative key words, and even some competitor analysis.


As a marketer, I have to mention how much I LOVE this name. Catchy, simple and not too on the nose, it is a great example of memorable branding.

Ok, coming back from that little rabbit trail, BuzzSumo is a FANTASTIC tool for those of us who have trouble with coming up with things to post on social media. Cute pictures and fun videos are great, but they need to have a point. This great tool gives you insight into what people actually care about online. This goes along with one of the most ignored marketing principles of all time, you target your clients, not yourself.


My passion is empowering entrepreneurs. Do I offer SEO services? Absolutely. But I also know that not everyone is ready or able to take that step just yet. Getting found online is one of the most sought after goals for any business. These tools can get you off to a great start. Need some help? Contact me and we can make a plan that fits your budget and empowers your vision. I offer free 15 minute consultations. Thanks for reading!

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