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Confidence is something that either comes naturally or is hard won. If you’re the first person, you’ve probably been accused of cockiness. If you’re the second, you’re probably afraid of coming off as cocky.

Naturally confident people can move on. Keep rocking it. But people who struggle with confidence… I have some secret sauce for you.

You can be the best and not be cocky.

It’s true. Do you have any talent or skill whatsoever? If you can’t answer yes, then you’re either a small child or you need to get some therapy because nobody survives into adulthood completely useless. You might feel that way, but a good therapist can help unpack that fallacy with you.

Identify what you’re good at or at least your capabilities. Evaluate how well you perform them. Other people may do things differently than you, but how different are their finished products?

There are two answers to that question.

1) If your finished product is of similar quality, then you are the best at what you do. Not better than–just best. There can be more than one best. If there are lots of options but none are better, then realize and admit to yourself that you are the best.

2) If your finished product lacks the quality of others, then find out what they’re doing and adopt those practices. Guess what? If you’re doing what better people do, then you’re bettering yourself. When you’ve done this process, you become the best.

Nobody likes a boastful braggart, but false humility is equally repulsive. Do not lie to yourself or the world any longer. You are the best at something, probably many something’s, and you have the ability to better yourself even more.

Start acting like it. Doubly so if you’re an independent contractor.

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